Activities at Académie St-Louis de France in Montreal

Our philosophy

For many years, Académie St-Louis de France has been using a tried and true traditional teaching method. Our experience over the years has proven the benefits of a classic approach that delivers the essential basics for learning all subjects, and particularly French, to each student. This approach does not discourage the development of cross-curricular competencies, but instead promotes it.

Our main concern is that, by the end of elementary school, all children should know how to express themselves, both orally and in writing, and the sentences that they use should be rich in terms of syntax and vocabulary. Knowledge of French is indispensable in terms of understanding the language of mathematics and all other subjects. Our students’ education is our top priority.

All of this discipline in French, mathematics, science and English produces students who are very highly sought after and greatly appreciated by teachers in the leading high schools in Montréal.

Académie St-Louis de France provides the following activities and services for students:

  • General schooling from kindergarten to grade 6
  • After-school homework assistance
  • Foreign exchange program (Europe, Africa)
  • Computer courses
  • Swimming courses
  • School bus transportation
  • Educational outings
  • Childcare service
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