Registration sheet and order forms for school supplies in Montreal

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Académie St-Louis de France invites you to download and fill out this registration form (French only).

Should you be invited to an admission, please bring along your child’s complete school record, which will include:

• All school reports since preschool

• A large format of the birth certificate

• His or her medicare card

• A deposit in the amount of $200 for the admission

For school supplies, please refer to the order forms below.

Order forms


Our schedule is based on a full-day basis, five days a week:

Beginning of classes: 8:30 AM.

End of classes: 3:45 PM

The school’s doors open at 7:30 a.m. and supervision is effective until 8:30 AM

At the end of the day, classes are supervised from 3:45 PM to 4:15 PM

We also offer a study period (elementary school) or daycare period (preschool) from 4 PM to 5:15 PM

At lunch time, students benefit from a 1 hour 15 minutes break, which includes 30 minutes for the meal and a 45 minutes recess. Students can bring their lunch at school or go home to eat or have a warm meal at the cafeteria.

Our Fees for 2017-18

Admission: $200

Full time preschool monthly payment: $600 per month for 10 months

Primary school monthly payment: $597 per month for 10 months

Lunch and recess: $134 per month (supervision)

Hot meal: $260 per month

Study or daycare: $135 per month (supervised study)

For primary school students, sporting activities cost approximately $240 for the year.

School books and supplies will be invoiced in October for a total cost varying between $200 and $390, following the grade level.

Primary school students also have access to swimming classes at the Rosemont Cegep. The cost is currently $220 for the year.

A yearly fee of $220 also must be accounted for school outings done during the year.

Finally, a yearly user fee of $85 must be added for the access to computers for primary school students.


The purchase of uniform and indoor shoes are mandatory for primary school. Please go directly to Sauvé store on 9351 de Meaux Street in Saint-Leonard, Quebec, H1R 3H2 (Pie IX et Grandes Prairies), 514-374-4554. There is a stand in the name of our school.

Need School Transportation?

Please contact the school.

Open Doors

Our small school does not hold open doors events. Please contact me for a personalized appointment.

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